André Kertész: professional or amateur

André Kertész thoughts about photography, about being a professional or an amateur photographer. André Kertész always wanted to remain an amateur photographer so he can photograph what ever he likes. Do you want to be a professional or an amateur photographer?

The best solution is to find a decent job, which can make a living, and the remaining time and energy can be devoted to photography. This way, there is no need for any compromise. If someone does not have enough money, it’s hard to capture good photos. If your profession is photography to earn money, then you must assume too much compromise. Commercial photographers must satisfy their customers. Only an amateur photographer would do what he wants. In it lies true happiness. I recommend everyone just to remain an amateur. This is the best version.

André Kertész

André Kertész
Hungarian born photographer
July 2. 1894. – September 28. 1985.

On the photo André Kertész (right) and Robert Doisneau, Arles, South-France, 1975

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