Stolen camera on November 19, 2014

A photographer colleague posted on Facebook that his Photogear was stolen from his home during a robbery on 19 November. Below we publish his Facebook post.

“Unfortunately, today our home was robbed and they took my full photographic equipment among others. I’m writing because to me these are just irreplaceable and because if you run into a really good deal on the internet…

In two photographer bags were as follows:

Nikon D300 camera body,
Nikon 70-200 mm, F2,8,
Sigma 70-200 mm, F2,8,
Sigma 150 mm, F2,8,
Nikon 35-135 mm, F3,5-5,6,
Nikon 18-70mm, F3,5-4,5,
Lens Baby,
Mayer-Görlitz 100 mm, F2,8, Nikon mount,
Mayer-Görlitz 200 mm, F4, Nikon mount,
Sigma x 1,4,
Sigma x 2,
Nikon angle finder for D300,
and a lot of small stuff like batteries, Sandisk cards (1, 2, 4 GB), filters,

(will tra to collect serial numbers)

Unfortunately they took my sun’s tablet (Wayteq x TAB-100qcr) and mine as well (Overmax steelcore 10+).

If someone run stuff like this, please klet me know!”

Phone: 06/30 9901-681

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